Why Living Waters

Our approach to your filtration needs is different.  We begin with education. First we educate ourselves as to your current water quality and what your needs and desires are.  Secondly, we educate you as to the different types of filtration equipment to satisfy your needs of clean, healthy water.  It is only after all of this is done, that we are able to present a customized package for your filtration needs.

We don't offer a "one size fits all" approach.  Many companies train their sales people to offer only one package (usually their most expensive package) regardless of the current water condition or your needs.  If this package is too expensive, they start  removing equipment from the package, or down-grading equipment.  We despise this sales tactic.

We believe in the value of education in everything.  We truly care about you and your family's need of clean, healthy water. In a word we truly care!

Our Process ...

How can anyone begin to have an intelligent discussion about proper water filtration without knowing the condition of the current water supply?

It is imperative that your water be tested first. Then we will consult with you to discover exactly what your needs are.  Only then will anyone be able to discuss filtration options available that may satisfy your needs for clean, healthy water.

Please click the button now and let's begin the conversation.  Thanks!