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Our Approach

First of all, we do not use a cookie cutter approach to water filtration, as many others do.  Everyone's needs aren't the same.  We endeavor to customize a filtration package that will satisfy your needs as well as your budget.  Some folks needs, due to illness, are much more acute and require filtration to a higher standard than most.

Our Story

Living Waters Filtration was founded by Tim Riley in 2013.  Based in south Louisiana, with one of our country's highest cancer rates, water quality must be considered.  There are many contaminants in the tap water at our homes that are harmful to the human body, even though the level of contamination falls below the EPAs maximum contaminant recommended level.

Most of us remember drinking water directly out of the hoses at our parent's home or of those in my neighborhood.  Today, we all know that we should never do this.

I learned about the effects of the quality of our water after my son's eczema cleared up after installing a whole house water conditioning system.

Changing our water changed our lives for the better!

My passion and mission is to help families provide clean, healthy water for their children.

Next Steps...

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