system installation

Service #1 Installation of Filtration Equipment

We sell and install equipment to significantly improve your water quality.  Our primary focus is on your health and our secondary focus is on the benefits to your household.


Service #2 Preventative Maintenance

Our factory trained technicians provide stellar service aimed at keeping your filtration equipment operating at peak efficiency.  You wouldn't buy a new automobile and never change the oil. Neither should your equipment be treated that way.  Disinfectants (chlorine & related products) have a very harsh effect on rubber components.  Routine maintenance insures that we get the maximum service from these parts.

emergency service

Service #3 Emergency Service

While nobody anticipates requiring an emergency repair service, it is necessary at times.  Usually these services are related to weather conditions or accidents.

We treat your system as our own.  Your emergency becomes our immediate priority #1.


Value of Preventative Service

The truth is when your equipment is maintained well and your filters are changed at regular intervals, your equipment constantly operates at peak efficiency and the true cost of operation is just a little change per day.

Ask About Service or Request Service

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